Home Town Advantage

Your buying and/or selling and financing a home couldn’t be easier! The Home Town Advantage program is a free, innovative member/employee benefit. In addition to the following services you will enjoy by choosing to sign up for Home Town Advantage when buying/selling and financing a home, you will also receive a cash back bonus.

  • Consultation with an experienced real estate professional serving as your advocate throughout the process of buying or selling.
  • Referral to top-performing real estate agent best suited to work with you.
  • CASH BACK bonus based on the purchase/sale price.
  • No Fee mortgage pre-approval with an experienced mortgage consultant. Who will provide customized financing options.
  • The Real Estate Survival Guide.
  • Reduced legal fees from a list of Preferred Real Estate Attorneys.
  • Referral to established Van Lines agents with Interstate affiliation.
  • Complimentary session with an extensive network of “Life Care” professionals to include: interior designer, home organizer, financial planner and a host of other pre-screened service providers.

Please contact us for a list of the 10 most frequently asked questions with answers.

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